Biomaterials Research Advances

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These materials can be used to promote or mediate cell growth in a variety of ways, reducing inflammation and the growth of malignant tissue. Kiick has also worked with Dr. Another member of MSE, Dr. Darrin Pochan, explores the rules that govern molecular design and self-assembly of unique polymeric and organic-inorganic hybrid materials.

Recent advances in stem cell therapeutics and tissue engineering strategies

Taking advantage of the new cell-culturing lab at DBI, Dr. Pochan tests the biological, cell and tissue level properties of materials constructed for uses such as tissue engineering.

Professor Liam Grover - Professor of Biomaterials Science

Morgan Dept. Electronic address: pwalczak mri.

Advances in bioinks and in vivo imaging of biomaterials for CNS applications.

Due to increasing life expectancy incidence of neurological disorders is rapidly rising, thus adding urgency to develop effective strategies for treatment. Stem cell-based therapies were considered highly promising and while progress in this field is evident, outcomes of clinical trials are rather disappointing. Suboptimal engraftment, poor cell survival and uncontrolled differentiation may be the reasons behind dismal results. Back to Top.

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