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I wanted kg. A week after a kg jerk from the racks, I had another workout focusing on jerks, setting a goal of kgs for the day. I jerked kg and kgs, but at I began to feel that my legs are no longer fresh, and my calves were cramping up. Because of this, during the squat I was falling forward on my toes, and I had a problem of controlling the weight in the scissor position.

Next, I wanted to attempt kgs then kgs. It sounded nice, but everything was the same during the kg attempt, where I fell onto my toes. I was able to push the bar up, but it was not balanced. Even in such a tired condition I was able to push out the bar, but even with extended arms I struggled with the weight. The bar started to fall backwards and my body leaned forward. Everything would have ended well if I would have just dropped the bar behind my head, but I was too strong.

Together with a characteristic crunching sound in my shoulder, the bar fell behind my head. I right away knew what happened and knew that it was serious. I did not yet understand the extent of the injury. I played off that my injury was not serious as I simply walked out of the gym and sat on the bench by the entrance to the gym.

Our doctor walked out of the gym immediately after me, and he perfectly understood what had happened. He immediately took action. He asked me if I had injured my elbow or my shoulder, and while keeping my head down, I replied that it was my shoulder. If I had said elbow or wrist, he would have simply brought me a freezing spray from the pharmacy that I could apply; however, a shoulder being such a large joint, the spray would be very ineffective.

He immediately ran into the cafeteria and asked the workers for a piece of frozen steak. While the doctor and I were tying the steak to my shoulder, I was thinking that it was all over. With that, my sports career was over, and now it was time to start thinking about my future. It was a very sad feeling.

In a few minutes, the head coach of the national team, David Adamovich Rigert Olympic Champion came over and sat next to me with a mug of hot coffee. It was a pleasant and warm day, but because I still had a frozen steak tied to my arm, I was cold, so I went back inside. I removed the steak by the door and proceeded to walk into the weighting room. I strongly dislike the feeling when every single person in the gym looks at me from head to toe, asking how I feel and asking me what exactly I injured.

Without raising my head, I walked over to my gym bag, gathered my belongings, and immediately walked out. I spent some time in the shower and then laid down in my bed. At that time, the adrenaline started to wear off and pain began to settle in. That same effect was now wearing off in my body. It was now 7 p. Of course, 8 p. I slept for two hours and woke up from the sound of the door closing. It was my roommate returning from a nightly stroll. While the shoulder pain was increasing, we were talking about different things. I was trying to distract myself from the pain in the shoulder, but every movement I made quickly reminded me of it.

In about an hour, we turned off the light and went to sleep. I could not just lie there since the pain at this point was very strong. We were no longer talking, and each of us was lying there with our own thoughts. Mine were about my future and what it would bring. I was in such good form during this preparation, having snatched kg and clean and jerked kg in the gym. With confidence, I was moving toward my second World Championship, where I was planning to defend my title.

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I was so sad and disappointed that I started crying. I laid there in the dark and cried with my face buried in my pillow so my friend would not hear me. Together with tears, sadness and disappointment were both leaving my body. I got out of bed, wiped my tears and walked out of the room. In the hallway, there were several guys watching television. At that time, my friend was already out of bed and getting ready for training. We talked briefly, and he went to the weight room.

I could not raise my right arm, not even to parallel to the ground. This was on a Tuesday. I got into my car and went for a drive around the city. I drove for about two hours, listened to music and thought about what I could do.


I was going to do all that was in my hands and leave the rest to him. I went into a church, lit a few candles and just stood there for about 15 minutes. I started thinking of all the good that had happened to me in weightlifting up until that point, like my win at the World Championship and other things. I started feeling much better. Before leaving the church, I asked God to give me patience and luck. At p. I asked the guys to place the bar on the rack. On the right side of the bar, where I would normally grip it in a snatch, I tied a rope.

The rope was suspended about a meter from the bar. With my left hand, I was able to grip the bar; with the right, I grabbed the rope, so I could balance the bar on my back without lifting my right arm. After a warm-up, the guys loaded 70kg on the bar, and I continued to squat. In such a position, it was difficult to balance the bar and squat at the same time, but I really had no other choice.

I remember that during that training session, I was able to squat kg for five reps. This gave me strength, and I understood that I could continue to train. Following that, I added more exercises to my trainings, such as: good mornings with the rope and glute-ham raises. These exercises allowed me to keep the muscles in my back toned.

My recovery time lasted practically until the World Championships. Because I was the current champion, I did not need to go through any tryouts or qualifiers. In addition, because of different reasons, there were no replacements in other categories; thus, I was selected to participate in the World Championship, with great risk, but with hope and belief. Our team, like always, did not travel all as one but in small groups, depending on the days of the performance.

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Together with my first coach, they made the decision to fly to the competition earlier than me to acclimate a bit better. We ate in the same cafeteria, swam on the same beach, and so on. To be honest, I was not comfortable being around everyone this time since I did not have the same internal strength and confidence.

During these competitions, the competitors were always paired in rooms with coaches; however, I asked my father to get me a separate room for an additional fee, which he had done. I really wanted to hide from everyone, so I spent the next two days alone in the room, practically not appearing outside at all. Toward the end of the second day, I was sitting by the pool, and I saw that my first coach and Dmitry Lapikov were departing to the competition. They competed in Group B of the kg weight class. Right behind them, by the bus that takes athletes and coaches to the meet, were my father and my current coach.

I woke up in the morning, and my father and coach told me that when they came by the night before, I did not open the door, which was probably for the better. I woke up a bit earlier than when my alarm went off, and although I would not say that it was a good thing, I did feel rested. I went to the cafeteria for breakfast just to kill some time, and then went over to the bus that was supposed to take us to the weigh-ins for Group A in the kg weight class.

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After the weigh-ins, everything was very routine; quick snack and rest before the meet. During my rest time, I found out that in Group B, Dmitry Lapikov lifted a very impressive kg in the snatch and a very average result in the clean and jerk.

Being in my current state, I was not sure if I could beat his result. It all depended on how well my injured shoulder and muscle would allow me to perform which, during rehabilitation, was obviously weakened. Since my injury, this was my first snatch and clean and jerk of more than kg. Every set during the warm-ups was difficult, due to my instinct and fear of re-injuring the shoulder. As a result, I was able to complete three successful attempts in the snatch of kg, kg and kg. Of course, those numbers were very low for me, considering my kg snatch and kg clean and jerk before the injury, but what could I do — I was happy even with that!

The thought about that type of injury was in my head. Now, the ball was in my court. After my first clean and jerk attempt of either kg or kg, I had only two attempts left to become World Champion and beat all of my opponents. For that, I only needed to lift kg. Only kg! I walked out on the platform. I had already started to think about how I would entertain the audience after a successful lift.

I was not sure in this attempt, and with ease, grabbed kg on my chest. Only two and a half months ago, I was able to grab kg. I pressed kg and straightened out my arms, but because of the long pause during the jerk, this was done with very little confidence. I felt that with my right arm, I was holding a bar with muscle only, while in the left arm, with my entire joint. I started to rotate clockwise with the bar over my head, and as a result, dropped it. This was a very new feeling for me. I was a bit lost.

In my final attempt in the clean and jerk at the same weight of kg, the same thing happened, and once again, I dropped the bar after a desperate attempt to hold it over my head. Now, I perfectly understand what is going on with my shoulder and constantly work on it. I still rotate clockwise with the bar over my head in the jerk, but then, it was a new feeling and a great surprise to me. I was very disappointed and confused. It is very difficult accepting such defeat, especially when just last year, I had been World Champion.

I, of course, was also very worried about my shoulder, since I lost exactly because of that injury. Every athlete understands that injuries are normal; and in professional sports, they are inevitable. Every athlete also understands that there are certain injuries after which you will never be able to recover from in order to compete at the highest level. That same evening, I sent a text message to my then-girlfriend Yelena, proposing to her to become my wife. I understand that this was not romantic, and ideally she, like any woman, dreamt of a much different proposal.

In that moment, I did this more for myself. I was aware that most of my time would be spent healing my shoulder and I would have a lot of free time, so I wanted to have a wedding. I did not have a doubt in my mind that this is what both my girl and I wanted. It has now been 8 years since our wedding, and there has not once been any regret about my decision.

This was a wedding of a weightlifter, which was attended by 20 weightlifters, out of which there were not only eight champions of the World and Europe, but a few Olympic champions as well. This was on Dec. My new goal was the next Russian Championship, which was a qualifier for the World Championship in Thailand. This was a very important world championship, since a victory here would guarantee a trip to the Olympic games in Peking. If I were to fail winning this, it would have made qualifying for the Olympics a very difficult task.

Thus, this called for very committed training since this might be the most important preparation of my life. This is where the David Rigert Academy of Weightlifting was located. It was exactly in this sports complex where the young Klokov family settled to live. After several months of living with the national weightlifting team, Lena became a part of the family.

Despite small problems in training, everything was going well. From time to time, my injured shoulder would remind me of its existence.

The muscle in the shoulder was getting stronger and stronger, thus removing the load from the joint. Not much could be said about this preparation — it was very simple. At the meet, there were only three athletes, all of which had to compete for the title of Russian Champion.

We were all, of course, more motivated to qualify for the World Championship, rather than winning the Russian Championship. We were all battling to win the trip to Thailand for the World Championship. Obviously, after you have already been the Russian Champion, you understand that this title gives you nothing besides a trophy and a medal.

Just a few years ago, I was dreaming of this; but times changed, and now I was only concerned with winning international tournaments, just like my rivals Dmitry Lapikov silver medalist at the World Championship and Gleb Pisarevskiy Bronze medal winner at the Olympic games in Athens. The most interesting part was that we all highly disliked each other, which really added to our interest in competing in the upcoming tournament.

Since we have been training and preparing together, we knew how each of us prepared, we were both about the same in strength, and both had small health issues, but there was still some tension between us. Dmitry Lapikov was first, I was second, and Gleb was third, with which I was very happy. Of the three of us, the first on the platform was Dmitry Lapikov. He successfully snatched kg. Next, Gleb easily snatched the weight, but could not hold it at the top. We know that he was bothered by an old shoulder injury, which was brought up again at the tournament.

After dropping the weight to weigh in, the muscle in the shoulder became very weak, and the entire load is on the joint of the shoulder, which led to his failure at the first attempt. He announced that for his second attempt, he would snatch kg, and he successfully did so. Next, I was able to snatch kg as well. In the second attempt, Dmitry Lapikov attempted and easily snatched kg. Gleb understood that he would need a higher snatch than kg, and from my understanding, was prepared to attempt kg, maybe even more.

He, however, did not risk it and attempted kg in his third attempt. It is important to note that he did this with great ease, but during the squat, the bar caused him to lean forward, and since the shoulder was hurting, of course he could not battle as well as he could have if he were not in pain. In the final stage of movement, he dropped kg.

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His final result in the snatch was kg. This, of course, made both Dmitry and myself happy, and we could continue to battle between us two. Gleb no longer threatened us since the kg in the snatch was very low. Dmitry Lapikov was considered to be the king of the snatch on our team, so he did not start nickel and dimming by adding 1kg for his third attempt.

He went straight for kg, and like the true king of the snatch, he lifted this weight flawlessly. However, I was not ready to give up, since one of my main goals was to take revenge against Dmitry and my old coach for the previous year at the World Championship in the Dominican Republic, where only because of my injury, they were able to beat me. To win the snatch, I needed to go for kg since I was a bit heavier than the rest of my competition. But in this day, everything I have done, I have done perfectly as far as my technique.

The weight felt light, and I completed the attempt successfully! What did this result bring me? First of all, it was my new record. This was important to both me and the leaders of the federation, who had to have faith in me and my potential for their consideration for the Olympic team in Peking. Now in the third attempt, I beat Gleb Pisarevskiy by 7kg. This also very important, since all three of us will be preparing for the World Championship; however, whoever takes third place will be a backup, while the first two will be able to prepare for the tournament without much stress of having to compete at other qualifying competitions.

The clean and jerk begin. It was a bit surprising to me that Dmitry Lapikov decided to start with kg, since I was planning kg or kg for my first attempt. As I have mentioned, it is important to take either first or second place in the combined total. So the decision was made to simply follow Dmitry and attempt the same numbers as him. Since I was already in the lead by 1kg after the snatch, I would be able to beat him by 1kg if all my clean and jerks were successful.

We followed this plan. Dmitry and I, in our first attempts, both successfully handled kg. Gleb began with the weight of kg and was able to easily lift it. If Dmitry was king of the snatch, then Gleb was king of the clean and jerk. His best result in the gym was kg, and he was able to get kg onto his chest, right in front of me.

I attempted that same weight, and it was extremely easy. At that point, I was disappointed to waste being in such good form on such light weight. But what can I do? I have already made the decision about my plan, and I had to follow it. It is very important to have a goal and understand how to reach it based on what your abilities and strengths are.

Gleb, as a king of the clean and jerk would do, decided to take the waitand-see position, allowing all the competitors to go ahead of him. Dmitry Lapikov went forward with his third attempt but took a small step to only kg. I understood why he did this — it would take Gleb kg to beat him at the kg weight class. With an injured shoulder, this would be very problematic for Gleb. This had to happen.

Maybe he could have gone for kg in the third attempt, but not kg. I then also lifted kg with ease. This was my easiest attempt, easier than and kg. I was happy. I had beaten Dmitry, and more importantly, his coach, who in the past had refused to train me. So now, I am at least either in first or second place, which gave me the right to begin training for the World Championship for the main roster of the Russian National Team. He needed to clean and jerk kg, and to this day, I consider that he did not hold the weight and the judges counted the lift undeservedly.

This was a long time ago, and I still live with that same feeling, and I cannot change it. Back then, I was very bothered by it. The judges counted his kg attempt, and he took first place at the Russian Championship; I took second; and Dmitry Lapikov took third. With this squad in the category of kg, we returned to Taganrog to prepare for the World Championship in Thailand. In about two to three weeks, Dmitry Lapikov decided that he did not want to waste time preparing for the tournament as a back up and went to Moscow to prepare for the next Russian Championship.

Gleb stayed with me. It was very evident that his shoulder was bothering him. Winning the Russian Championship took a toll on him. He trained with me all the way up to the World Championship, but in the end, he did not go to Thailand. In the category of kg, I was the only one left to fight for all the medals. Of course, for me, this was a very pleasant situation. When you have rivals in your class from the same team, it is very important to beat them. Your tactics develop based on the battles you have with your teammates.

In Thailand, I had to battle for medals — of course, for the gold ones. This is what was expected of me, and I wanted to regain my title. By that point, my mother and wife had already arrived in Thailand and were vacationing in a city called Pattaya. One day later, they came to visit me in Chang Mei to see the tournament. My mom stayed with my father, and my wife lived with me in the room, which caused worry and disapproval in the eyes of my coaches. They felt that this would distract me from concentrating on the tournament.

What did they mean by that? They thought that I would live a full life with my beloved woman, and this would take a toll on my form. I am, of course, talking about sex. Neither Lena nor myself were even thinking about that. We both knew how hard I had been preparing for this tournament and to start relaxing before the tournament would be very unwise. This is how I am not only in sports, but also in my life. In general, having Lena by my side only benefited me, with both her actions and her moral support.

When you live with other competitors at tournaments, their worries also affect you, whether you like it or not. The list of all applicants for the tournament was very impressive. All the names and results were very satisfying to me. I was one of the main contenders for the gold medal in the kg category in this World Championship. The person who ended up being the champion of this tournament, however, I did not pay attention to. I prepared to fight with other established athletes, I was ready to battle and went through good preparations. I came out with all the good signs for all the main lifts, and most importantly, I started to forget about my injured shoulder.

Now I know why my shoulder did not bother me, but then, I simply thought that my injury was healed, and I was now whole and healthy. I found out very soon that this was not the end of my history with the injured shoulder. The day of the tournament arrived. Like always, we had the weigh-ins, and I went to the sauna to drop the g of sweat. The weigh-ins took place at the hotel in which we lived. When I was called on to weigh-in, I was ready. Like always after weigh-ins, I ended up being heavier than the rest of my competitors, who I had to battle, and this was normal to me.

My tactics for tournaments were always built around that, and I felt great. I love this moment because everything really starts here. I am sure that many athletes mentally break down on the bus; they are together with their rivals, trying to hide facial expressions and not show any signs of worry. I remember I was happy since I was already working on reading all my competition on the bus.

I will repeat again: My main competition, who I had to battle with at this tournament and for the next several years, I completely missed. I knew nothing of him. There were other guys, but I thought that they would be the main competition. The tournament began, and Alan Tsagaev came out to the platform with kg. Since the snatch was his weak lift, and he was not capable to do here what he can do in the clean and jerk, he was able to lift kg in the first attempt and kg in the second.

His third attempt with kg was not successful. This was a very low result, but no one dismissed him from being a competitor — especially knowing that in the clean and jerk, he is indeed the king. I came out to kg with a good mood and a will to fight. I snatched the bar easily and even hit myself with it on the way up, and I felt it in my shoulder.

I was pulled a bit forward, but I was able to complete the lift successfully. Once I dropped the bar, I realized I had strained my shoulder, and it was now once again injured. This can be seen in the video: After the attempt, I immediately started checking my shoulder. I went into the warm-up room and lifted an empty bar over my head. I once again felt that same pain that I had been battling for the last two years. Of course, I was upset because this happened in the first attempt and the entire battle had only just begun.

My father and coach were also worried. Next, Andrey Aryamnov came up onto the platform and snatched kg with great ease. I was not paying him much attention, since the entire Belarusian team was very strong in the snatch, but their clean and jerks were never impressive. I was sure that Andrey was only a snatcher. After Andrey, I came out to a weight of kg. With this kind of attitude, lifts are never completed successfully.

I dropped the bar behind my head. I felt that this happened only because I was not prepared to battle with the bar at the top. The snatch itself was very easy. I really did not want to attempt kg again; the number in my head was kg. And even if I did snatch kg, it would have been too low. I requested kg for my final attempt. Now that the tactical battle had begun, my kind rivals allowed me to go ahead. For the kg, I was preparing completely differently, pretending like nothing happened. I simply came out and flawlessly snatched it.

In his second attempt, Andrey Aryamnov handled kg. Then the show of Marcin Dolega began. Like a true king of the snatch, he waited to begin when everyone else had already almost finished. His first attempt of kg also was his third. He wasted all three of his attempts on this weight, and struggled with it. He received a score of zero for the snatch. I finished my snatch attempts, and Andrey Aryamnov beautifully snatched kg.

To be honest, I was very happy with the results of my competitors. However, the pain was very distracting to my concentration that I needed in order to continue my battle ahead. After a short break, we started the competition in the clean and jerk. Once again, the first on the platform was Alan Tsagaev, who easily lifted kg. Andrey Aryamnov was next, and he easily lifted kg. I requested kg for my first attempt. Already during the warm-ups, I did not feel right. It was very hard and painful to hold the bar over my head; however, we were not going to back down from the kg weight which we planned to lift.

I lifted this weight, but with no courage or determination. When Andrey Aryamnov came out to a second attempt of kg, I thought that this is where he would start having problems, but he easily handled the weight. Exactly after this attempt, I realized that I underestimated this young man. Marcin Dolega, who had no luck in the snatch, refused to back down from competing in the clean and jerk.

He started with the kg, happily and confidently. Since I was prepared well for the clean and jerk and I had this intense shoulder pain, we decided that I would only go onto the platform with the weight, which would allow me to be the World Champion. During that time, Alan Tsagaev could not handle kg, which is not typical of him. After this attempt, Andrey secured first place in the combined total, and I would now need kg. All I had to do now is get determined, build up the courage and wait for my turn. When Alan Tsagaev came out to kg, I did not think he would be able to lift it.

He did, and with that, moved me from second to third place. I was getting impatient to come out on the platform, but had to still wait for Marcin Dolega to finish his lifts. He made two attempts with kg and was unsuccessful. Now came the deciding moment. When I came out to kg the first time, I was sure that I would be able to get the bar onto my chest. At the same time, I understood that I would not be able to get it all the way up because the pain in my shoulder was indeed intense. Everyone has heard the stories in which people were able to overcome great pains and do something impossible, but I cannot apply it to sports.

When speaking of great results, willpower and physical strength alone is not enough. One way or another, you also need technique. I did not know how I could express great technique when a part of my body was not working like it should. However, I did take the bar on my chest fairly easily, which to this day surprises me greatly. After the unsuccessful attempt of kg, I had one more shot. This would normally make me happy, but now I had doubts of whether I would be able to place the bar onto my chest.

Obviously, the third attempt of kg was unsuccessful, and I have already written off this tournament as a failure. The one small thing that gave me a bit of comfort was the bronze medal for combined total. Now, I cherish every medal I have ever won; but then, the satisfaction was very minor. This performance did not increase my chances of a trip to the Olympic Games in Peking. I questioned my ability to go at all; now, not only did I have to heal my shoulder, but I also had to attempt to catch up to all of my competition. This was more than two months ago, and it was a very good forfeiture for him.

All of them at this point were already preparing for the next set of tournaments, which were all qualifying for the Olympic Games. At this point, all of us had equal chances. All the competitors had already made great progress. Each of them had a precise plan on how to prepare and make the team for the Olympic Games. Dmitry Lapikov was preparing for the Russian Championship, which was a qualifier for the European Championship.

In reality, I did not have much choice as to which tournament I should prepare for. I did not have time for the next Russian Championship; and for the European championship, there was no reason for the head coach to choose me. Because of my shoulder, I was not able to do any snatches or clean and jerks, doing only deadlifts and squats. I was still doing some physiotherapy and massage, but it was not healing at all. Such trainings lasted more than two months. I could not understand why in two months of rest and physiotherapy, there was no improvement.

I could not even hold a kg weight in the snatch; it felt as if there was an electric shock in my shoulder. Holding the weight, the shoulder would give in, and the bar would drop. At that same time, Dmitry Lapikov set a new record in the snatch and combined total in the kg weight class at the Russian Championships. With less than a year left to the Olympic Games, Dmitry Lapikov was now a main contender to be chosen to go to Peking.

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Together with my team of competitors in the kg weight class, we were now closely watching Dmitry Berestov. A lot of our fates could be determined by his performance in the European Championship. If he showed good results, he was guaranteed a trip to China. He could easily do just that.

In training, he was able to snatch kg and clean and jerk kg. In this sport, anything can happen at any given minute. After dropping weight, his body got significantly weaker. At his first attempt, Dmitry received an injury with kg. He was finally able to conquer kg in his third attempt. In the clean and jerk, he also struggled with kg, which he was able to successfully lift in his third attempt. Although he won the European Championship, he now understood that he went from being the favorite contender for the Olympics to being the last.

The injury he received was one of the most difficult to treat; I know very many lifters who after getting this injury, retired from the sport. My father had his knee surgery here during his days of being a professional athlete. After three x-rays and an ultrasound, the specialists determined that I also needed surgery. Why did I need less time to recover after the first time I injured it?

The fact is, when there is damage to the joint, like I had, a hematoma develops. With time, it goes away, but different micro-elements in the blood form a small, hardened mass.

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  7. Since I have damaged my shoulder many times, the mass gets larger and larger. This mass is located in the shoulder joint between the bones, and when I lift my arms, the bones moving puts pressure on the joint. Since in the middle of the joint I had this mass, it caused pain. This mass then needed to be removed with surgery. The day for the surgery was set. I arrived in the hospital one day in advance to go through pre-operational procedures for the surgery. I spent the night in the hospital, and in the morning, there was a consulting session consisting of eight leading specialists.

    They made the decision to not go through with surgery but to start a new physiotherapeutic procedure. With the assurance from the doctors, they said that the seed would dissolve into small parts and uniformly distribute in the joint. If they were to do the surgery to cut out the hematoma, the joint would weaken, and the recovery time would be far too long.

    The decision was made, and we started to do these procedures the same day. Since I had only been doing deadlifts and squats, I was in my best form in these two lifts. It was now time to direct all that strength and training into the classical movements: snatch and clean and jerk. This finally gave me strength and allowed the fire to return to my eyes. I started to do snatches and clean and jerks every day, every training session. After two to three weeks, I was already showing great improvement in these exercises.

    My muscles felt great, and they were recovering well; however, my joints began to slightly hurt. In such times, you need a coach to tell you to stop and take a break, but since I was training alone, there was nobody to tell me this. With determination, I continued to work hard and not listen to my body. Of course, a new problem arose. Now, I understand that this happened due to overtraining; since the wrist is the smallest joint, it broke first. This happened approximately 20 days before the Russian Championship in Saransk.

    Once again, I began to have anxiety and worry about my sports future and the Olympics. The Russian Championship was the last chance I had to make the team for the preparation for the Olympic Games. I started to force the healing process of my wrist with all possible methods. There were physiotherapy procedures, injections and painkillers, plus I started to drop weight.

    To be honest, my father and trainer were always within a phone call, but have never been with me to a meet; they strictly played the role of managers. On our team, there was a very strict distribution of roles, and each of us was responsible for our own workload. In reality, this was a tragedy for me. For about two weeks, I did not feel any improvement in the injury because all I could do was deadlifts and squats.

    When speaking about possibly the most important tournament of your life, you want to go through preparation with maximum productivity. Only you know and feel it; it is your best coach. It was time to fly out for the tournament. I already had my ticket bought. I would go from Taganrog to Moscow, and then from Moscow to Saransk. After arriving in Saransk, I had one day for rest and a light warm-up.

    The day before flying out of Taganrog, during my last training session, I was completely unsure what was going on with my wrist or if I would even have a chance to compete. I knew I might just injure my wrist further, and then I could definitely forget about the Olympic Games. After returning from training into my room, where I lived with my wife, I told her of my plan of action. I would drive to Moscow in our car immediately after lunch. I was planning on leaving Taganrog after lunch and arriving in Moscow at 9 a.

    I was planning on going to see the doctor in that same hospital where they treated my shoulder injury not too long ago. I had already called him and told him about my situation and set up an appointment. I wanted to get an ultrasound, MRI and an x-ray in addition to anything else I could do in the limited amount of time I had.

    I wanted to further understand the extent of the injury. If the result was not critical, I could simply inject myself with a dose of Betamethasone and Novocain right into the wrist and drive to the airport from the hospital. Time was very limited; I did not have time to stop on the drive to Moscow to rest or sleep, just to get fuel. I needed to travel 1, kilometers in 18 hours, which seemed like enough time. It was now time to depend on luck. As soon as I finished telling this to Lena, she started crying. She did not go with me to eat lunch, and like always, stayed in the room.

    I was already full of determination. After lunch, I returned to the room with my bag, and Lena was still crying. In five minutes, we were saying goodbye near the car like it was our last time. I told her that I loved her, and that I would try to do anything that is in my power. We hugged, kissed, and I drove off. I remember the first kilometers were easy, since I was very determined. But, like always, determination drops after a while, and I started to fall asleep.

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    This was in , and before this, I drove to Moscow and back tens of times, taking this same road. This time, though, was the most difficult since there was no time to rest. Honestly, I believe in faith and luck and even then, kept my beliefs strong. This was a very long night, and at 9 a. The chief doctor in the hospital allowed me to get all the procedures done without having to wait in line, and in only a couple of hours, we had all the results.

    The injury was bad, but it was not as bad as I feared. There was a moderate strain and inflammation in the joint, but no fractures. This meant that with pain management, there was no risk of further fracture or injury, and I would be able to perform at the tournament. We did an injection of Betamethasone and Novocain and went to the airport. I had no problem getting to the airport on time because there were no traffic jams. In Saransk, I was greeted by my happy coach, who then took me to my hotel, where we were awaited by my father. When I told them at dinner what had happened to me in the last 24 hours, there was not much left of their good moods.

    Although now was a little too late to tell them about this, I did it just so they would know the situation. The next day, I did some deadlifts and squats to let my wrist rest. The tournament was organized very well, which for me, is very important; there has to be a feeling that you have arrived at a very serious holiday. A lot of my relatives came to watch this tournament, including my paternal grandmother.

    Pushing the limits of my body, mind and helping others along the way…

    The following day, after weigh-ins, I gave myself an injection of Novocain into the wrist right in the warm-up room. I also wrapped it in order to not feel any pain. We were all ready for the tournament to begin. Any weightlifter or fan would tell you that there are no battles as interesting as the kg category at the Russian Championship. When we stepped out, all the spectators knew that this would be a war! Everything was ready. Here, the fate of who goes to the Olympic Games in the kg category was decided. A few days before the tournament, the head coach of the Russian Weightlifting team announced that he is interested in athletes who can have a combined total of kg.

    Athletes who can hit that number will all be invited to join the practice squad, while the first and the second place winners at the Russian Championship will be on the main roster. With these conditions and goals, we all started to warm up. The first surprise of the tournament was that the Olympic Champion, Dmitry Berestov, withdrew, all due to the injury he got at the last European Championship.

    Return to Book Page. This book goes far beyond the sets, reps and percentages of training, it is a look into a man's life, his motivation and his mind as he grows in the sport of weightlifting as the son of a legend World Champion Vyacheslav Klokov and struggles to create his own identity as a young athlete, to his rise to World and Olympic Medalist for the prestigious and ultra-competitive Russian National Team. Get Klokov: Training Methods of the Russian Champion and be inspired, motivated and educated by World Champion Dmitry Klokov's insight into the training and mindset that has made him one of the World's greatest weightlifters.

    Get A Copy. More Details Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Klokov - Training Methods of the Russian Champion , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Dec 17, Andrew Kang rated it really liked it. Great insight into the life of one of the most influential weightlifters of our generation. I really loved his honesty and vulnerability when talking about his injury history and his lack of confidence during critical competitions of his life.

    It really humanized him and brought a deeper insight into his psyche.