Renewable Energy. Prospects for Implementation

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Last but not least, supporting industries plays a crucial role in the development and quicker adoption of renewable energy technologies. The government should promote domestic SMEs through capital subsidy and incentives such as tax breaks and preferential loans. A competitive supporting industry will help in reducing investment costs for renewable projects. In this issue of Vietnam Briefing magazine, we discuss the growing popularity of China plus one manufacturing An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam will provide readers with an overview of the fundamentals Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Stay Ahead of the curve in Emerging Asia. Our subscription service offers regular regulatory updates, including the most recent legal, tax and accounting changes that affect your business. Demand With growing industrialization and economic modernization, energy demand is predicted to increase by over 10 percent annually during and by eight percent per annum during Related reading May 01, November 26, June 20, Recommended for you.

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Email address. The Reference Pricelist Record work as the Feed in Tariff but it is considered as a Ceiling Tariff and developers can compete under this upper limit. Currently, megawatts of solar photovoltaic PV power are in operation, and an additional megawatts of solar PV are under construction.

Renewable energy: Prospects for implementation

Jordan is on pace to exceed 20 percent of generated electricity from renewable sources by Wind Jordan has significant wind energy resources that could be exploited for power generation. A megawatt wind farm in Tafileh was implemented in Currently, megawatts of wind power are in operation, and an additional megawatts of wind power are under construction. Waste to Energy Jordan aims to generate megawatts of power from waste-to-energy WtE projects by WtE projects in Jordan have primarily focused on landfill gas capture.

Opportunities The best prospects include power generation, energy efficiency systems, nuclear energy technologies, solar and wind energy technologies, oil shale and mining equipment. Despite the fuel challenge, the Jordanian government will continue to adopt the IPP concept for future power generation plants. Opportunities abound for U.

Download Renewable Energy. Prospects For Implementation

The market is open for solar cells and panels, wind turbines and blades, generators, support structures, storage batteries and energy software management. The transmission and distribution companies are working to upgrade their grids. NEPCO is also looking for ways to increase its grid capacity to meet the extra power that will be generated by conventional and renewable energy projects which are under construction.

There will be a need for smart grid systems, smart metering devices and load management systems as well.

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Oil Shale is another opportunity for companies in Jordan. As a first of a kind project, it benefited from a feed-in tariff of 9. While the construction was more complex than an onshore project, it is more accessible than an offshore project, and it captures the benefits of the excellent wind regime without impacting the land used for aquaculture or salt production. According to the project's CDM. In April , the Trung Nam renewable energy complex was inaugurated.

Phase 1 of the wind power plant is operational with a capacity of By the fourth quarter of , the second phase of the project will have an additional capacity of 64 MW. Phase 3 will be completed in with a capacity of 48 MW.

Many other projects were completed in that time window, in excess of the capacity of the transmission network, leading to severe curtailment problems starting in July The first phase of the project, for MW, targets to start operating at the end of The vision is for a total system capacity of about 3, MW, at a total investment of nearly 12 billion USD, not including investment for connection to the national electricity system. The [N 1] average number of sunshine hours in the North ranges from 1,, hours of sunshine per year.

The average daily solar radiation intensity in the north is 3. The amount of solar radiation depends on the amount of cloud and the atmosphere of each locality. From one region to another, there is significant variation in solar radiation. Radiation intensity in the South is often higher than in the North.

In the first half of , the Ministry of Industry and Trade MOIT recorded solar power plant projects with a total capacity of about 17, MW, 9 times higher than Hoa Binh hydropower plants and 7 times more than Son La hydropower plant. By the end of June 30, , 82 solar power plants, with a total capacity of about 4, MW, have been successfully checked the conditions and successfully commissioned by the National Load Dispatch Centre A0. At that time, solar power has accounted for 8.

From now until the end of , A0 is expected to continue to operate and put into operation 13 more solar power plants, with a total capacity of MW, bringing the total number of solar power plants in the whole system to 95 plants. Electricity production from solar power accounts for about 0.


For more information about solar power plants in Vietnam, see List of solar power plants in Vietnam. Tra O lagoon solar power plant project My Loi commune, Phu My district, Binh Dinh province , with a capacity of 50MWp, deploy on a water surface area of around 60 hectares, a very small part of the total area of 1, hectares of Tra Lo lagoon water surface, is expected in quarter II will go into operation. However, when constructing the factory, the investor Hacom Solar Energy Co.

Local people stopped container trucks from transporting materials into the project and complained that the local authorities and the owner of the solar power plant had to meet with land-owners to negotiate compensation plans for the people because the project has violated people's land. As an agricultural country, Vietnam has great potential for biomass energy.

"Renewable energy for regional development"

The main types of biomass are: energy wood, waste crop residues , livestock waste, municipal waste and other organic wastes. The biomass energy source can be used by burning directly, or forming a biomass fuel. As in the sugarcane industry, the potential of biomass energy from bagasse is quite large. If utilizing and exploiting bagasse sources thoroughly and effectively, it will contribute considerable electricity output, contributing to ensuring national energy security.