The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Wont Tell You

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As the title implies, the intended audience includes college students who may not be exposed to these perspectives through the teaching of biased professors. Essayists include a couple of Nobel Laureates and many think tank academics, with whom college students may not be familiar. But the book also features also a global chorus from China, Russia, South Africa, and Kenya, with experts who were new to many of us who are familiar with think tank academics.

For reasons of space and time, I cannot discuss all of the ideas here, but I encourage you to get your hands on a copy and think them over for yourself. What I would like to discuss is the one idea that I found most impactful. Echoed in two of the essays was the call to rethink the concept, and the moral superiority of, altruism.

Moral Interpretations of Capitalism

Defenders of capitalism have, for the most part, struggled with the point that capitalism is inconsistent with altruism. They hold that capitalism still allows for individuals to be altruistic, and as a system, it also benefits from people who are not. The problem is a conflict in terms. Altruists argue that if we were truly others-centered, then there would be no conflict in the market place, but Mao Yushi points out that this is just not true. I hope you will also find this list helpful!

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Without such mutual benefit, society would simply be impossible. One of my favorite hobbies is reading autobiographies of those great minds of the past and present. I choose to read some poetry to go somewhere else for the night. Now I share with you the poem that moved me the most.

I hope you enjoy it,. This is the dream we carry through the world that something fantastic will happen that it has to happen that time will open by itself that doors shall open by themselves that the heart will find itself open that mountain springs will jump up that the dream will open by itself that we one early morning will slip into a harbor that we have never known.

This book was written for those who love the United States of America and the principles upon which it was founded. The Founders were intellectual men, widely read in the ideas of the Enlightenment. They were also practical men, concerned with the problems of life on earth.

Their great achievement was transforming the ideas of the Enlightenment into a practical socio-economic system—capitalism.

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